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With its more than 20 years of knowledge and strong reputation in market, Aldom Group proudly presents its Aresbond U.S.A Aluminum Composite Panels; having international certifications from worldwide-known institutions, wide range of fire rated products A2-B-B1-B2, and highest quality production with 4.000.000m2 annual capacity. Its flexibility, easy-processability, different core types, wide range of colors, customized production capabilities and incombustible products make Aresbond U.S.A a dream choice of the architects.

The great desire to support creativity and continuous efforts to be different lead us to improve and innovate at all times. This keeps us being one of the leading manufacturers in our sector for many years. Highest quality products and services, and our flexibility in supporting architect's ideas allows us to cooperate with the most famous architects and to take place at best prestigious projects worldwide.

We are committed to keep on contributing the efforts to make our World a more beautiful place.

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