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Aresbond Gold, Silver, Bronze Series are the LDPE filled composite panels, having mainly 0.50mm-0.40mm-0.30mm aluminum skin thicknesses. They take quality to a different level with their lamination strengths, durability at exterior applications and long-life integrity.

With their easy-processability, wide range of colors and high quality, Aresbond Gold, Silver, Bronze Series provide aesthetics and quality for all buildings with more favorable opportunities.

Product Advantages

Lightness : In addition to its lightness, the product is very firm and smooth, which provides an important economic alternative for exterior and interior applications.
Waterproofed : Also high acoustic, thermal and fire resistance capabilities.
Wide Range of Colors : Solid, Metallic, Wood, Special Wood, Stone, Real Anodized, Special Effects and Chameleon Colors.
Easy Processing : Its flexibility provides a multi-aspect panel solution for sophisticated design applications.


Panel Thickness : 2mm - 3mm - 4mm - 5mm - 6mm
Panel Weight : 5,8 kg/m2 (4mm)
 Standard Width : 1250mm (up to 1800mm)
Standart Length : 3200mm (up to 6000mm)
Aluminum Skin Thicknesses : 0,3 mm - 0,4 mm - 0,5 mm
Top Skin
Coating : PVDF (min.25 microns) / HDPE
Colors : Solid, Metallic, Wood, Stone, Prismatic, Sparkling, Real Anodized, Mirror(For Bronze Series)
Alloy : 3105
Temper : H46
Bottom Skin
Coating : PE based service layer
Color : Light Gray
Alaşım : 3105
Kondüsyon : H46
Core : LDPE filling, 3.0 mm thickness, class E (EN 13501-1 )
Protective Film :  Double-layered LDPE (polyethylene) based, UV-protective plastic film.
Packaging : Panels on ISPM 15 standard- wooden pallets, all sides covered with transparent nylon film.
Width : ± 2,0 mm
Length :  ± 4,0 mm
Panel Thickness : ± 0,2 mm
Alum. Thickness : ± 0,10 mm
Bow : max. ± %0,8 either length or width
Squareness : max 5.0 mm
Surface : will be flat and smooth according to visual control criterias
Edges : side edges are trimmed in order to maintain the same lamination (adhesion) strength at every point of each panel. There will be no excess of core or aluminum at the edges.

Solid Colors – 30 Standard Colors (Custom color development possible)
Metallic Colors– 18 Standard Colors (Custom color development possible)
Wood Series – 6 PUR-PA Coated Special Color
Special Wood Series – 112 PVDF Coated Special Textured, Anti-Scratched, Matte Surface
Stone Series – 6 PVDF Coated Special Colors
Real Anodized Series– 5 Standard Colors -Much longer life and beautiful appearance of natural metal on top surface
Special Effects – 6 Standard Colors - Sparkling and Prismatic Colors

Aresbond U.S.A composite panels are resistant against industrial zone conditions and they have self-cleaning properties in most environments. At all applications, in order to get a long lasting service life; panels must be washed with slightly hot water once a year, starting from top of the building to downwards. This will cleanse the surfaces from unwanted residue. Aresbond U.S.A panels are anti-static and repel dirt or residue for considerably longer periods than its alternatives.
Routine cleaning is strongly advised for panels. Cleaning must be done with only hot water and a little amount of surface cleaner, followed with rinsing. Frequency of cleaning usually varies according to the location of the building and the air pollution ratio. Cleaning with water is not advised when outside temperature is very high under the sun, because there could occur spots on surfaces due to rapid evaporation.

At Aresbond U.S.A, we ensure our product is made from the highest quality raw materials and superior technology giving Aresbond U.S.A panels durability, reliability and strength. Aresbond U.S.A has been fixed in the most demanding architectural structures, with the ability to withstand any and all weather conditions. With constant product R&D, we are able to continuously innovate and improve our product range and processes that have resulted in producing only the very best. We believe in giving an end product that is superior in quality and best in its price range.


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